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When it's time for a 'kip' (sleeping)!

  • This campervan sleeps 2 adults downstairs and 1 adult or 2 small children upstairs.

  • There is an easily foldable Rock & Roll double bed and an upstairs double bed in the pop up roof.

When it's time for some 'scran' (eating)!

  • Cutlery, plates, bowls, pots, pans, cups and plastic wine glasses are all provided.

  • There is a two burner gas stove with a sink and running water.

  • There is a clip on foldaway table.

  • A rotatable double front passenger seat to provide a comfortable dining arrangement.

  • A fridge and small freezer to keep your food chilled.

  • Optional outdoor pop up table (for a small charge).

  • Optional outdoor foldaway chairs (for a small charge).

When it's time to chill 'oot' (relax)!

  • The boot opens to provide an added bonus of two seats to enjoy the open air view wherever your Wee Hoose may be ...... the hills, the sea, the glen, the loch or countryside.

  • There are lights in the living area and USB and wireless charging points to recharge your appliances - all powered by the leisure battery in the campervan.

  • An external electrical hook up point to provide additional power when at a campsite.

  • Radio / Aux and Bluetooth to connect your phone up to.

When it's time for 'ga'n oot 'n' aboot' (travelling around)!

  • The van has a manual gearbox.

  • The van has excellent fuel consumption being able to do over 600 miles on one tank of fuel.

  • The van has a 2 litre diesel engine to give you plenty of power when driving up steep roads or on the motorway.

  • The van is 5.3 metres long, 1.9 metres wide and 2.17 metres high (with roof down) which makes it ideal for parking or driving along the narrower roads you may encounter on your travels. 

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