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Our Story

In 2006 our dreams came true when Beth and I decided to go travelling around the world.  After venturing through the U.S.A, Fiji and New Zealand we flew into Cairns, Australia, where our first campervan adventure began!  Hiring an old Toyota Hiace hard top campervan, we settled down for the night in the soaring 90 degrees heat.  After hugging the only fan we had for 10 hours, we wondered if this campervan malarkey was for us!  However, we stuck it it out and what an amazing decision that turned out to be!

In 2018, 12 years on, now married with children we faced another important decision!  Do we live off one teaching salary and the small amount of money we had left in savings or do we follow our dream and set up our own campervan hire company.  I think you know which option we chose and hence Wee Hoose Campervans was born!

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