Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions fully and carefully as they form the basis of your contract with us.  You will be required to accept the following terms and conditions upon booking and sign in agreement upon collection of our vehicle in our Rental Agreement.  If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us prior to making your booking.

1. Definitions

‘1.1 'Driver(s)’ means only the person(s) named as the driver(s) on our booking form.

‘1.2 'You’ and ‘your’ means the driver together with all the other persons named on the booking form (including any amendments) and any person whose credit card is presented for payment of the hire charges.

‘1.3 'Hire period’ means the agreed rental period as defined on your booking form and any additional period during which the vehicle is in your possession or control.

‘1.4 'Vehicle’ means the vehicle hired by you and includes tyres, tools, accessories and all other equipment or documents or additional hire items related to the vehicle hire.

1.5 'We' means Wee Hoose Campervans.

1.6 'Hirer' means the person(s) who have paid for the booking.

1.7 'Rental Agreement' means the contract signed by the hirer(s) upon collection of the vehicle.

2. Payment Terms, Deposit and Conditions

2.1 All prices quoted are in UK pounds sterling and are payable by bank transfer (please email us for our account details), credit card or debit card.

2.2 To complete your booking a 25% deposit of the total booking cost will be required.  Please note this is non refundable.

2.3 The remainder of the balance payment is due a minimum of 28 days (4 weeks) before your collection date.

2.4 Failure to settle the remaining balance payment at least 28 days (4 weeks) prior to the collection date may result in your booking being cancelled along with the retention of your deposit.

2.5 Bookings made within 28 days before the collection date will require the hirer to pay the full amount upon booking.

2.6 Special offers and discounts cannot be applied after your booking has been made.

3. Security Deposit

3.1 A security deposit of £750 (GBP) will be required on collection of the campervan if you choose to pay by cash, credit card or debit card.  

3.2 Alternatively, if you choose to pay the security deposit of £750 (GBP) by bank transfer then you must ensure sufficient time for your bank to transfer this money into Wee Hoose Campervan's account prior to collection.  Failure to do this will require another payment method to be used on collection. 

3.3 You authorise Wee Hoose Campervans to deduct any amounts from the Security Deposit in the event of any damage to the vehicle, third party property, breakages, speeding / parking / congestion fines, unauthorised use charges or any other unauthorised costs we incur as a result of your use of the vehicle.

3.4 The security deposit - £750 (GBP) will be debited from your account immediately and will be fully refunded (less commission charges for credit and debit card payments) within 7 days of return of the vehicle provided the vehicle:          

       - is returned on time to Wee Hoose Campervans address. 

       - is undamaged. 

       - has not been involved in an accident or incident. 

       - is returned with a full tank of petrol. 

       - is returned with a clean interior including cutlery, crockery and cooking equipment. 

       - has not been smoked in.

       - has not had animals in it.

       - has no outstanding speeding / parking / congestion fines.

3.5 Wee Hoose Campervans cannot be held liable for any currency exchange rate changes that may occur between receiving and refunding the security deposit.

3.6 Failure to return the vehicle on time – by 10am (unless otherwise agreed by Wee Hoose Campervans in writing / email) will result in a charge of £50 for the first hour late; thereafter a full day's rental will be charged.

3.7 Failure to return the vehicle with a full tank of petrol will result in a £30 charge plus the cost to refill the vehicle.

3.8 Failure to return the vehicle with a clean interior will result in a £50 charge.

3.9 Smoking in the campervan is strictly forbidden and will result in a £100 charge if not adhered to.

3.10 Animals are not permitted in the campervan and will result in a £50 charge if not adhered to.

4. Hire Period and Duration

4.1 ‘Hire Period’ refers to the dates agreed in the Rental Agreement.

4.2 Wee Hoose Campervans charge on a price per night basis.

4.3 Minimum rental period is 3 nights.

4.4 The vehicle should be picked up between 10am -12pm on the first day of hire and returned by 10am on the last day of hire.  Please take into account a 1 hour (approximately) handover will be required upon collection and return of the vehicle.  The handover will include an inspection and guidance / explanation of the vehicle and equipment, payment of any outstanding security deposit and signing of the rental agreement.

4.5 The vehicle should be collected and returned to Wee Hoose Campervans address as detailed on your booking confirmation email.

4.6 Late collection or early return of the vehicle will result in no refund being given.

4.7 Whilst we will try to accommodate any requests regarding collection and returning the vehicle outwith the normal rental times (as stipulated in 4.4.) - this may or may not be possible.  Changes made to these times will only be accepted if agreed by Wee Hoose Campervans 14 days prior to the first day of rental, and may be subject to an additional rental charge if relevant.

4.8 Unauthorised late return of the vehicle will result in the charges stipulated in 3.4.

5. Drivers

5.1 Driver(s) must be aged between 25 to 75 years old for rental of our campervan.

5.2 All drivers must be present on collection of the vehicle from Wee Hoose Campervan's address.

5.3 Driver(s) must hold a valid full driving licence for at least 24 months.

5.4 Driving Licences accepted include UK, EU, USA, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand.

5.5 Driving Licences issued outwith the UK must be clearly identifiable as a driving licence, otherwise an International Driving Licence will be required.

5.6 Driver(s) are personally liable for all legal penalties during the hire period.

5.7 Driver(s) must provide 2 separate forms of identification upon collection of the vehicle confirming name and current permanent address, i.e. Utility Bill (no more than 60 days old) and Driving Licence.

5.8 Details of all additional driver(s) must be provided on collection of vehicle as above.  Additional drivers will be charged at £10 (GBP) per person per day.

5.9 No person may drive the vehicle if they have been convicted of an offence in connection with the driving of a motor vehicle or motorcycle and/or have had their driving licence endorsed or suspended or more than 6 penalty points imposed. ‘’Spent’’ convictions, covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 may be disregarded.

5.10 No person may drive the vehicle if they have had their insurance declined and/or renewal refused and/or special insurance terms imposed as a result of claims experience and/or have had their insurance or cover cancelled by any Motor Insurer.

5.11 No person may drive the vehicle if they are engaged wholly or partly in professional entertainment or professional sports persons.

5.12 No person may drive the vehicle if they are jockeys and persons connected with racing, gaming industry or press of any sort.

5.13 No person may drive the vehicle if they are undergraduates and/or students under 25 years of age.

5.14 No person may drive the vehicle if whilst driving, have been involved in more than one accident during the past 3 years.

5.15 No person may drive the vehicle if are Foreign Service Personnel other than persons holding a full UK/EU licence for two years or more.

6. Insurance

6.1 Fully comprehensive insurance is provided by Wee Hoose Campervans to the driver(s) named on the agreement form.

6.2 Standard excess of £750 (GBP) applies to the campervan.  In the event of any damage to either the vehicle or third party property, the hirer(s) will be liable for the first £750 (GBP).  In addition, the hirer(s) will be required to pay a £30 (GBP) administration fee to Wee Hoose Campervans.

6.3 If you wish to reduce the standard excess of £750 (GBP) for our vehicle during your hire period you may wish to get your own insurance excess reducer policy.  

6.3 The hirer(s) is/are liable for the cost of any damage or punctures to tyres.

6.4 The hirer(s) is/are liable for the cost of any damage to windscreens including, for the avoidance of any doubt  windscreen chips.

6.5 The hirer(s) is/are liable for the cost to replace or recover any lost, misplaced or stolen keys.  In addition a £50 administration charge will be issued.  

6.5.1 Wee Hoose Campervans will not be liable for reimbursing any loss of hire days due to lost, misplaced or stolen keys.  We will however, endeavour to get a replacement key delivered to you as soon as possible. 

6.6 Any expenses incurred by Wee Hoose Campervans because of the above will be deducted from the hirer's Security Deposit.

6.7 Insurance will be void if the hirer(s) and/or driver(s) do not follow the criteria stipulated in sections 5 and 7. 

6.8 Upon violation of the insurance criteria by the hirer(s) and/or driver(s) resulting in Wee Hoose Campervans being unable to receive full payment for such costs, damages, expenses claims and losses under the insurance cover; you agree to fully compensate Wee Hoose Campervans for any costs incurred up to and exceeding the £750 (GBP) excess.    

7. Use Of The Vehicle

When hiring the vehicle, the hirers agree that the vehicle will not be:

7.1 Driven in a dangerous, reckless manner which could cause damage.

7.2 Driven above the speed limit.

7.3 Driven whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs or with a blood alcohol level in excess of that permitted by law.

7.4 Driven in a prohibited area.

7.5 Driven by anyone other than the driver(s) named on the Rental Agreement to drive the vehicle.

7.6 Driven by persons under the age of 25 years old or driven by persons over the age of 75 years old.

7.7 Used to carry more passengers than the seating capacity of the vehicle - 4 persons in total.

7.8 Used in motor sports, including racing, pace making, rallying, reliability trials and speed testing.

7.9 Left unlocked or with the ignition key in or on the vehicle whilst unattended.

7.10 Used to carry passengers or goods for hire or reward.

7.11 Driven on any road surfaces other than sealed / bitumen roads.

7.12 Driven through or come in contact with salt water.

7.13 Used to tow any vehicle or trailer.

7.14 Used to smoke in at any time.

7.15 Used to keep or allow animals in at any time.

7.16 Driven to countries apart from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.

7.17 Used for commercial or business purposes.

8. Violation Of Traffic Laws And Regulations

8.1 Driver(s) are personally liable for all legal penalties and fees relating to any traffic violation infringements under the current UK Road Traffic Legislation.

8.2 Wee Hoose Campervans will keep a hold of your credit or debit card details for 30 days after the rental agreement finishes in case any traffic violation infringements are presented to Wee Hoose Campervans for your hire period.  8.3 The hirer(s) will be liable for any penalties and fees received after this period.  Wee Hoose Campervans will inform the hirer(s) of any speeding or parking fines notified to them.

8.4 The hirer(s) agree(s) for Wee Hoose Campervans to charge their Credit Card for any traffic violations committed.

8.5 Wee Hoose Campervans will charge a £30 (GBP) administration charge for each infringement incurred throughout the hire period.

9. Cancelling Your Booking

9.1 You will incur the following charges if you cancel your booking:

9.2 Cancellations made more than 6 weeks before your collection date, cancellation charge is 25% of total cost.

9.3 Cancellations made between 4 - 6 weeks before your collection date, cancellation charge is 50% of total cost.

9.4 Cancellations made between 2 - 4 weeks before your collection date, cancellation charge is 75% of total cost.

9.5 Cancellations made less than 2 weeks before your collection date, cancellation charge is 100% of total cost.

9.6 You may cancel your booking at any time.  Your notice of cancellation must be in writing or email and will only take effect on the date it is received by Wee Hoose Campervans.

9.7 Where a refund is due after any cancellation charge has been taken into consideration, and provided we have received full payment from you, we will make the refund within 7 days of receiving notice of cancellation.

9.8 No refund will be made for late pick ups, early return or no show of the hirer.

9.9 No refund will be given for rentals rejected due to the non-production of a driving licence / Identification documents or non disclosed endorsements.

9.10 We reserve the right to cancel or move bookings with 14 days notice.

9.11 If we are forced to cancel your booking within 14 days of the start of your hire due to any reason we will refund your deposit and any other monies taken.  Wee Hoose Campervans will not refund or be liable for any other costs to the hirer.

9.12 We strongly recommend that you have the highest level of travel insurance to cover your needs, and also that you consider taking out insurance to cover the insurance excess charge.

10. Changes To Your Booking

10.1 If you require to make any changes to your booking dates or additional items you initially requested, please contact us as soon as possible.  We will try our best to accommodate your request. However, this will depend on our availability and this may or may not be possible.

10.2 In the unlikely event where Wee Hoose Campervans are required to make any changes to your booking dates or additional items requested we will notify you as soon as possible.  If alternative dates or items are not suitable then a full refund of the booking fee and additional items will be given.

10.3 Wee Hoose Campervans will not be held liable for any other expenses incurred by you as a result of any booking changes made.  For example, ferry charges, concert tickets, etc.

11. In The Event Of A Breakdown 

11.1 Our vehicle has 24 hour breakdown cover with the AA.  Please refer to the vehicle handbook in the glove compartment for our AA Membership Number and the AA Emergency Contact Number.  Our vehicle has AA Roadside Assist, National Recovery and Onward Travel breakdown cover.

11.2 You must contact Wee Hoose Campervans immediately on 07421138311 to notify us of the breakdown.  If you are unable to make contact with us you are authorised to approve repairs up to £100.

11.3 Any repairs above £100 must be approved by Wee Hoose Campervans prior to work being undertaken.

11.4 Reimbursement will be only be made if receipts are produced for the repair work undertaken.

11.5 If the vehicle cannot be repaired within 24 hours and it is not the result of any violations stated in section 7 we will endeavour to help you by providing either a hire car for 2 days, accomodation for 1 night or cover your public transport costs to get back to Wee Campervans address and refund any lost days hire.

11.6 Wee Hoose Campervans will not be liable for any other costs due to a breakdown of the vehicle.

11.7 You are liable for the cost of any repairs, or other costs incurred, resulting from reckless, negligent or imprudent use of the vehicle by you or permitted by you.  This includes the costs for the drainage and repair work due to the incorrect use of fuel, water contamination of fuel, towage, replacement vehicle or car hire.

12. In The Event Of A Puncture Or Damage To Tyres Or Windscreens

12.1 In the event of a puncture do not attempt to fix or change the tyre(s) / wheel(s) yourself.  Please contact the AA who provide a 24 hour, 365 days a year service.  Please refer to the vehicle handbook in the glove compartment for our AA Membership Number and the AA Emergency Contact Number.  The AA will swap the punctured or damaged tyre / wheel over for the spare wheel. 

12.2 You will be liable for the costs incurred to fix the puncture(s) or replace the tyre(s).

12.3 You will be responsible for fixing or replacing the tyre(s) to the same specification as the original tyre(s) prior to returning the van to Wee Hoose Campervans.  

12.4 Client's who return the tyre(s) / wheel(s) to Wee Hoose Campervans punctured or damaged will be charged the fee to fix or replace the tyre(s) / wheel(s) and a £50 administration charge.

13. In The Event Of An Accident Or Any Damage Caused To The Vehicle.

13.1 In the event of an accident, you should collect the details of the people involved including name, address, phone number and their insurer's details.

13.2 You should collect any witnesses' contact details including name, address and phone number.

13.3 You should not accept blame or place blame on any people involved.

13.4 If possible and safe to do so, take photographs of all vehicles involved and the damage incurred.

13.5 Contact the Police on 999  if there is significant damage to the vehicle or other people's vehicles.

13.6 Contact Wee Hoose Campervans on 07421138311 as soon as possible to notify them of the accident or any damage caused to the vehicle. 

13.7 Contact the AA (emergency contact details can be found in the glove compartment of the van) if the vehicle is unsafe to drive.

13.8 You agree to provide support to Wee Hoose Campervans with any road accident claims made against them during your rental period and agree to attend court if applicable to give evidence.

14. Terminating The Agreement

14.1 You understand that Wee Hoose Campervans may terminate this agreement and repossess the vehicle at any time during your hire period if the following occurs:

14.1.1 Violation of the Rental Agreement.

14.1.2 If we believe the vehicle has been abandoned or misused.

14.1.3 If we believe the vehicle is in danger of being damaged. 

14.1.4 If we believe the public and/or passengers safety is/are in doubt.

14.1.5 If we believe there may be fraud or misrepresentation involved with the hire.

14.2 You acknowledge that Wee Hoose Campervans will not be liable for any refund of rental charges or security deposit due to these violations of the Terms and Conditions that you have agreed to in the Rental Agreement.

15. Vehicle Title And Ownership

15.1 The client accepts that Wee Hoose Campervans owns the title to the vehicle at all times.  You will not attempt, agree, offer or try to sell, assign, sub-let, lend, let on hire or otherwise part with or attempt to part with the possession of our vehicle.

16. Liability

16.1 Wee Hoose Campervans do not accept any liability for any death or personal injury to you or any member of your party sustained whilst using the vehicle on hire. 

16.2 Wee Hoose Campervans do not accept any liability for any theft, damages or loses occurred to your vehicle and/or personal belongings whilst parked at Wee Hoose Campervan's address.